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Roof services

Are you experiencing moss build-up on your roof? While you may believe that spending the money to remove moss is wasteful and unimportant, moss removal and regular roof cleaning can actually extend the lifetime of your roof by many years. Removing the moss may cost a few hundred dollars now but having to replace your roof prematurely due to damage from the moss can cost you thousands. Here are just a few of the ways that moss can lead to roof damage:

  • Moss tears and destroys shingles once it has taken firm hold
  • Moss can cause shingles to lift away from the roof surface, letting in moisture and damaging the roof’s integrity
  • Moss can build up in rain gutters, resulting in clogs that lead to water damage at the edges of the roof, damage to the siding, and potential flooding in the basement

We offer roof cleaning services for all types of roofs, as well as minor roof repair services, helping to keep your roof looking and working like new for years to come. Call for an estimate today!

Composition Roof Cleaning
Composition roofs are the most common type of roof, and they are easy to damage if improperly cleaned. It’s important to use experienced professionals for your composition roof cleaning to protect both you and your home from damage. Composition roofs can be cleaned in one of three ways:Chemical Cleaning: Chemicals work by killing the moss on the roof, causing it to loosen and fall off over time. This is the least expensive cleaning method and causes very little damage to the roof. However, it can take months or even years for the moss to fall off completely.Scraping and Brushing: Moss can also be cleaned off the roof by scraping and brushing by hand. This roof cleaning method causes little damage to the roof if done properly. Howeve...

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Minor Roof repairs

As roof shingles age, they tend to tear and fall off, creating the potential for water damage to your roof and the interior of your house. That is why minor roof repairs and occasional roof inspection are essential for maintaining your roof and keeping your home in good shape.

Whether you have a composition or tile roof, we are more than happy to inspect the roof for damage and seal and repair any of the cracks or tears on your roof. Call today for more information or to schedule an inspection.

We offer FREE roof inspections with our gutter cleaning services! Please visit the Gutter Services section for more information.

Tile Roof Cleaning
Tile roofs can be very time-consuming to clean and quite dangerous at times due to the slickness of the tiles when wet. Tile roofs are also very fragile and can break easily if not stepped on properly. For these reasons, you should always hire professional roof cleaners to clean your tile roof. All of our contractors have experience working on tiles roofs at all times of the year, so you can rest assured knowing your roof is in good hands with us.Pressure washing is by far the most common and effective method for cleaning tile roofs. Each time you have your tile roof pressure washed, it will look shiny, clean, and brand new, even from far away. Some tile roofs are coated with paint that shouldn’t be pressure washed. In these cases, we recommend hand cleaning with brushes and trea...

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