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Residential tree trimming — totalPropCare

Residential tree trimming

Do you own a property with several large, beautiful trees? Undoubtedly, these trees add to the beauty of your yard and home, but they do need to be trimmed occasionally to maintain a yard that is pleasant to see and safe for both your home and the people living there. Proper residential tree trimming can prevent a great deal of potential damage from trees to your roof, gutters, and siding, saving you a lot of time and money over the years.

For residential tree trimming, our primary focus is to trim the trees that have grown over the roof of your home. These trees can leave piles of leaves and needles that continuously clog rain gutters and downspouts, limit the natural light you receive through your windows, and encourage heavy moss buildup on your roof. All of these problems can lead to water damage to the edges of the roof and siding and potential basement flooding issues. It is ALWAYS easier and more cost-effective to have your trees trimmed once every 5-10 years than to clean the roof and gutters every two months to stay on top of leaf and debris build-up.

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